We’re Bo&Ivy Distillers–people of action who make booze.

There are many humans that fantasize about hanging up their day jobs and opening a bar. We may have taken it a little too far, and we’re okay with that. We are an independent, local, craft distillery that promises quality spirits without gimmicks that was founded without bank loans, private capital or rich relatives.

We are engineers, designers, and veterans, who met and bonded over a few simple things: a rigorous devotion to quality, a desire to serve others, and bourbon.

Bo&Ivy Distillers is named with pride of place. The distillery sits on West Virginia Avenue, NE, the original B&O Railroad freight line into Washington, D.C. and the edge of Ivy City. However, we like to think of Bo&Ivy as people who would race through Union Station at rush hour, relax at Gravely Point on the weekends, and take a risk with us.